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Who we are?

Fatgbems Group is a Nigerian indeginous conglomerate with interest in Petroleum Marketing, Automobile Tyre Trade & Marketing, Agro-Allied, and Real Estate

Mission Statement

  • To be the conglomerate that delivers exceptional solutions that progressively keep people on the move

Our Vision

  • To provide exceptional solution in every aspect of our business

Our Core Values

  • Leadership – we will take the lead in taking decisive decisions that benefit our customers, shareholders and stakeholders. We are bold in taking the right actions that will grow our business and lead to the growth and transformation of the industry
  • Integrity – This is a core value of our business chain, with belief and resilient in our fidelity to customers taking into consideration the interests of all our stakeholders.
  • Innovation – we are dynamic in our operations and approach to business, constantly seeking new creative ideas to create value and guarantees satisfaction.
  • Health & Safety – we are a conscious and responsible organization. We will do everything possible to ensure the safety and well-being of our staff, customers and all stakeholders in our operations.
  • Environmental Responsibility – we are passionate about the environment. We are conscious of our actions in our interactions with the environment. We will maintain the highest standard of environmental responsibility in our operations with strict adherence to industry best practices.